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Cleaning the glass front of your Valor Gas fireplace or stove.


Do not touch any part of the fireplace while it is hot! Let the fireplace cool before cleaning it.

Be sure glass front is properly secured after cleaning or service, if in doubt Call!

Cleaning a glass fireplace front:

Note: Opening the glass front of your fireplace. Every manufacture has a different way of latching the glass front to the fireplace so be sure you understand how to remove and re-install the glass front. This information is in the manual, read it!

One of the by-products of the combustion process in a gas appliance is a mineral which can show up as a white film on the ceramic glass of the viewing door. The composition of the deposit varies w ith location and time. It is believed to be associated with the varying sulphur content of the gas. You may have the problem intermittently.

We have consulted with ceramic glass manufacturers and they cannot offer a definitive solution to this problem. Dealers have tried various cleaning products with varying results. The following are recommendations only and are not meant to guarantee results:

Please note: This is a problem beyond our control and is not covered under warranty.

Clean the glass regularly as soon as you notice the buildup (white film). If the film is left for a longer period of time, it will etch into the glass. It is then much harder, if not impossible, to remove.

NEVER use an abrasive cleaner on the ceramic glass. Any abrasion of the surface has the immediate effect of compromising the strength of the glass. An emulsion type cleaner is recommended.Use a soft damp cloth to apply the cleaner. Dry the glass with a soft, dry, preferably cotton cloth. Most paper towels and synthetic materials are abrasive to ceramic glass and should be avoided.

Dealers have had good results from the products listed below. We cannot, however, guarantee the results of these products.Brasso, Polish Plus by Kelkem, Cook Top Clean Creme by Elco, White Off by Rutland, Turtle Wax

Always securely replace the window and the barrier screen before lighting. Ensure that you DO NOT USE Windex or ammonia based cleaners to clean the window.

Cleaning the glass front of the Valor 530 fireplace or stove:

Cleaning the glass of the Valor 534 Clearview Gas Fireplace.

Cleaning the glass of the Valor H4 Gas Fireplace.