Using the Mendota fireplace remote control – Alter Your Energy

Burning Wood? Small amounts of smoke is a good sign
You want a minimal amount of smoke coming from your chimney. Smoke is not "exhaust" – it contains high energy gases that were not burned. That's why it is a good idea.......... [more]

Using the Mendota fireplace remote control

Fireplace remote controls help make the latest generation of fireplace products heat your home and control the various functions of your hearth product.

The most common call we receive about remotes is around batteries. Weak or poor quality batteries can prevent proper operation. If your remote receiver has batteries (no ac power) change them regularly as leaking batteries can damage the receiver portion of your remote system.

In some cases battery failure or someone resetting the receiver  may necessitate mating or re-syncing the handset to the receiver. Because of the variety of fireplaces you will need to refer to your manual to re-mate the handset to the receiver.

Mendota Fireplace Remote Features

How to use the Mendota Fireplace Remote

Remote Maintenance