T-24 Submittal Form – Alter Your Energy

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T-24 Submittal Form

We use certified energy modeling software and we have the ability to generate a precise and detailed Title 24 compliance report and energy calculations and analysis for your residential project.

All reports are created by a CABEC certified professional.

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Please download and fill out the T-24 form and include it with the plans for review.

Link to the Energy Calculation/T-24 form (opens in a new window).



Required information checklist
  Plot plan/True north arrow
  Scaled Floor Plan, (minimum 1/8” scale).
  Elevations & Sections
  Door & Window Glazing Schedule (for new and all existing glazing in alteration/additions)
  Window Brand & Model information
  Fenestration Type:
New -Wood    Vinyl     Metal    Dual Glaze     Single Glaze
Existing – Wood    Vinyl     Metal    Dual Glaze     Single Glaze
  Space Heating & Cooling Fuel:  NG   LP   Heat Pump    Elec.    Solar
  Space Heater Location: Attic    Upright   Crawl
  Duct location: Attic   Crawl    Buried    Conditioned
  Water Heating Type: NG     LP     Elec.     Solar    Heat Pump
  Tank or Tankless Water Heater
  DHW Circulating Pump
  Lighting Plan (Residential – Kitchen)
  Year Existing Structure Built: ______________

Missing information will delay the process, please submit complete plans and specifications