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Module Mounting Systems

With options to match the most difficult installation – from patio canopies to top of pole multi-axis tracking to single RV roof mounts, we provide the best professional mounting systems available – to keep your solar electric investment safe and powerful.

Baja Solar Support Systems

Baja Solar Support Systems™ are designed to support solar panels with a proprietary attachment. These structures can be used in a variety of solar installations including, but not limited to, Solar Farms, Solar Carports, Solar/EV Charging Stations, Solar Truck Bays and Solar RV/Boat Storage. There are various different standard styles to choose from based on design and budget needs. Custom designs are also available.

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Direct Power and Power-Fab

POWER-FAB produces the most sensibly designed and rugged mounting structures in the PV industry, with a focus on strength and ease of installation. We offer several rack styles – from rugged pole mount to tilt up roof and ground mounts –  meeting a wide variety of applications.

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EcoFasten Quick Foot

This bracket is designed to be installed with most shingle roofs.
Can be installed on new or existing (retrofit) applications.
Accepted by most major roofing material manufacturers without voiding warranties.
There are two fastener holes provided and both fasteners must engage the rafter.
The installer does not need to cut open the roof to properly install this bracket.
Ease of installation makes this one of the fastest attachment points to install in the industry
Available in a variety of configurations to meet the installers needs.

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Florian Solar Patio Canopies

A one of a kind system to help beautify the look and layout of Photovoltaic Modules, not to mention adding recreational space to your home. For over 70 years Florian has built their reputation in the industry by taking on difficult jobs that others refused. Throughout the industry Florian is recognized by builders and architects as the innovative leader in architectural glass enclosures.

Florian offers a pre-fabricated fully designed structure that gives you superior design, superior materials, and superior performance. Feature after feature, our structures standards show up as costly options in other brands. With a wide range of standard sizes to choose from, plus unlimited custom design capability. All backed by a company with 70 years of architectural experience.

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S-5! Clamp System

The challenge has been in how to attach the PV modules to  standing seam roof systems without jeopardizing material and weather-tightness warranties. The answer is S-5-PV Kit and the S-5! Mini clamp.

The S-5-PV Kit mounts to any of the Mini clamps. The patented attachment clamp and round-point setscrews enable the entire installation without a single penetration through the standing seam metal roof’s surface. With the S-5-PV Kit and the S-5! Mini clamps, mounting a leak-free solar assembly is a quick and easy process.

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Uni-Rac SolarMount

The SolarMount system is engineered for the maximum flexibility possible in planning, locating, and installing your PV array. On the roof, SolarMount components assemble into structures that support a variety of PV array configurations. Design for high profile or low, whichever suits your unique site.

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Wattsun Tracking Mount

Array Technologies manufactures Azimuth Trackers for medium-to-large residential PV systems. The Azimuth Tracker gear drive rotates the PV array on the pole mount so the bottom edge of the array always remains parallel to the ground.  Dual-axis trackers completely capture all the power the sun delivers. Environmentally-friendly, Wattsun active trackers are guided by a patented, optical, sun-sensing device that dramatically outperforms passive tracking systems. Solid state electronic design and positive drive mechanisms insure consistent operation in extreme temperatures and windy conditions. Manufactured from the finest quality materials, Wattsun™ Trackers are easy to install, easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. Wattsun Trackers are manufactured in the USA.

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Zomeworks Tracking Mount

Zomeworks UNIVERSAL TRACK RACK™ Passive Solar Tracker for Photovoltaic Modules incorporates over two decades of experience with tracker design and more than three decades of innovation of new products, Zomeworks has introduced the F-Series Track Rack™ Passive Solar Tracker to their line of UTR Universal Trackers. This features an integral early morning rapid return system, is shipped partially assembled, is easy to install, and is module specific.

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