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Photovoltaic Charge Controls

From simple single module charge controls to high amperage maximum power point tracking controls, we feature the finest photovoltaic charge controls on the market.  A quality charge control, properly sized to match your array can make a substantial difference in total input to your battery bank, increasing reliability and performance.

Conext Charge Controllers

Schneider Conext offers solar charge controllers to match your specific system needs. The standard PWM style C35 & C60 may be configured to control: charge, load diversion, or loads quickly and economically. The MPPT 60/150 & 80/600 charge controllers regulate (when charging) battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array and state-of-charge of the battery.

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Morningstar Controllers

Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of photovoltaic (PV) controllers using advanced technology. 
Morningstar controllers and inverters have set new standards in the industry for quality, high reliability and extended battery life.

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BlueSky Controllers

Often used in remote or harsh environments, BlueSky Solar Boost Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers provide reliable power at affordable prices. Patented technology allows an increase in power from a PV array up to 30% more than conventional controllers.

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OutBack Controllers

OutBack Power Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of power electronics for renewable energy applications including solar, wind, and micro-hydro as well as backup power and mobile power applications. OutBack’s industry leading Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controllers offer customers the same reliability and durability built into every OutBack product. Innovative solar harvesting and battery charging algorithms allow you to maximize your systems potential and can increase your renewable energy yield by up to 30%.

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