Hearth Pads – Alter Your Energy

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Hearth Pads

We carry a complete line of manufactured Hearth Pads to complete your stove installation.  With decorator materials from tile to stone to marble, and sizes to match your stove and room, you are sure to find the perfect hearth pad to complete your installation – at Pacific Energy Company.

Graysen Woods Hearth Pads

Graysen Woods is the brainchild of a wonderful cabinet maker who sees beauty in wood and stone. Graysen Woods has the best wood, tile and stone selections in the marketplace and have won Hearth Industry awards for their line of custom risers – including models with drawers. Graysen Woods hearthpads come in rectangular as well as corner sizes with a variety of trim. They manufacture both stock and custom sizes. All of their hearthpads are tested to UL-1618 standards.

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