Wood Fireplaces – Alter Your Energy

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Wood Fireplaces

For the love of wood burning….It’s still OK to burn wood in SLO County with a clean burning, energy efficient,  EPA approved or equivalent fireplace. So why resist the warm glow and the snap-crackle-pop of a real wood burning fireplace when you can have a  BIS, Lennox, Moberg or RSF, real wood burning fireplace from Pacific Energy Company.

RSF Wood Burning Fireplaces

RSF is the industry leading manufacturer of highly efficient, clean burning, and attractive fireplaces. They differ from the competition – using gravity fed outside air, small diameter pipe (9 or 10 inch outside diameters with 2 inch clearances so chases can be small) and high tech combusion systems. RSF units have options for screens, blowers, in-line fans for remote room heating, clean faces to eliminate the louvers, black, gold and pewter louvers, doors and trim, gravity vents to heat other spaces, and whole house heating blowers to connect to your existing house heating ducts.

The Oracle see-thru wood burning fireplace is SLO County APCD approved, RSF is a full line, clean burning wood fireplace manufacturer for San Luis Obispo County.  From the small, clean faced Chameleon to the large bay front Delta, RSF has the variety of fireplace sizes and looks to meet all your decorating and heating needs.

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Astria Wood Burning Fireplaces

Stay awhile…a warm welcome is only the beginning. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a wood burning fireplace. Astria wood burning fireplaces match expert craftsmanship with elegant styling to welcome you to sit, and stay awhile.

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Moberg Wood Burning Fireplaces

A real wood burning fireplace is where your family and friends will gather to celebrate, relax and dream. This special gathering place deserves a special fireplace – a true masonry clean face fireplace that meets San Luis Obispo County APCD requirements for clean burn and features a 42″ door.

The MRC Fireplace may look just like an ordinary masonry fireplace, but look again. They’ve been engineered to burn so cleanly that they surpass the tightest EPA requirements for wood burning particulate emissions. What’s more, they’re so efficient they can provide supplemental heating for your home. This may be our most expensive wood burning fireplace – it is deffinitly the most beautiful!

(To view the MRC on the web follow the link, click on Manufactured Fireplaces – then click on Complete Fireplace Kits – then click on MRC Heating Fireplace.)

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Supreme Wood Burning Fireplaces

A wood burning fireplace is the centre of your home; an open invitation to come and gather and an irresistible enticement to stay, a hub where dreams are fashioned, where relationships blossom, and where memories are forged. Your wood burning fireplace charms all your senses, offers calm and serenity as it shuts out the hustle
and bustle of everyday life.

Supreme, your provider of warmth, elegance, and reliability for over 30 years, is a convivial family owned business dedicated to its environmental responsibility, its customers, and its full line of products.

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