Fireplace Mantles – Alter Your Energy

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Fireplace Mantles

Now that you have chosen your beautiful new fireplace, select a new mantle to complete your design. Pacific Energy carries a wide assortment of mantles from stone to marble to hardwood to give your new hearth product the perfect finishing touch.

Fires of Tradion Mantles


MagraHearth specializes in non-combustible mantles that can be placed closer to the fireplace than their wooden counterparts. MagraHearth features mantles, surrounds, hearth boards, stove pads and more. These are made in the USA, and the cosmetic options range from barn wood to chiseled stone and are available in a number of different color. All mantels are artistically hand finished giving each piece its own unique identity. MagraHearth has something for your home and hearth!

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