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A clean wood stove is a warm wood stove
Remove soot from your wood stove and the flue pipe once a year. That way, your wood stove will get warmer. A soot layer of even a few ............ [more]

Wood Flue Pipe

Complete your wood burning fireplace or stove installation with professional vent products from Pacific Energy Company.

ICC Excel Chimney (6 to 8 Inch ID)

EXCEL is tested and listed to the ULC S-629 chimney standard. The ULC standard is generally considered the toughest residential chimney standard in the world. The USA standard requires the chimney to withstand three 10-minute 2100°F chimney fires. The Canadian standard requires the chimney to withstand three 30-minute chimney fires, three times longer than the USA.

unique thermoplus insulation has an extremely high insulating value that helps to keep flue gasses hot. Creosote won’t condense in a hot flue. And EXCEL’s light weight helps make it the easiest chimney to install.

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ICC RIS Chimney (10 to 24 Inch ID)

ICC Model RIS is a type “A” factory-built chimney suitable for venting negative or neutral draft (non-pressurized) appliances including boilers, building heating equipment, fireplaces and stoves. RIS has been designed, tested, and listed to vent large wood burning fireplaces and to extend masonry chimneys.

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ICC Exceliner

EXCELiner is certified as a stainless steel chimney liner for use on appliances that burn wood, oil and natural gas and comes in 5″, 6″, 7″ & 8″ diameters. Continuously welded seams – no leaks, no possibility of seam separation, Type 304 stainless steel, Factory hemmed ends – smooth, safe surfaces – no more cuts, Pre-punched holes – no drilling required – Easy to install.

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Olympia Chimney Liners for Wood Inserts

Forever Flex is a premium chimney lining system custom made for the installer. The liner is 316Ti or AL29-4C and all components involved in venting the gas are made out of matched metal. Just another detail that makes this the best kit in the world.

Full UL testing and listing to the UL 1777 standard by Underwriters Laboratories. In addition, Forever Flex™ offers an industry exclusive, the Forever Warranty.

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ICC Ultra Black Double Wall Connector Pipe

ULTRABlack is covered by a true, no questions asked, 100% full replacement, LIFETIME WARRANTY

Double Wall Construction with a 3/8” air space between the inner stainless steel and outer pipes provides superior insulating value to single wall pipe. Better insulating value keeps flue gas temperatures higher. This helps your woodstove perform with an enhanced draft, which provides: less chance for moisture or soot build up within the vent, reduced smoking of the stove at start up & increased efficiency.
ULTRABlack not only keeps the flue temperatures higher, it keeps the outer pipe temperatures cooler. This allows ULTRABlack to be installed with only 6” clearance to combustible materials. The outer casing is constructed of Satin coat steel and painted with Forrest “Stove Bright” premium quality, high temperature paint to provide a rich appearance that complements your woodstove.

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Excel Prime Single Wall Flue Pipe

EXCELPrime is premium single wall smoke pipe for wood burning stoves. All lengths are laser welded out of heavy wall 22ga satin coat steel – available in 6”, 7”, and 8” diameters.
Heavy wall, 22ga satin coat steel with laser welded seams provides: scratch resistance, superior paint adhesion, highly corrosion resistant inside and out.

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Malm Porcelain coated Single Wall Pipe

Malm makes porcelain enamel pipe for their wood and gas stoves and makes this same pipe available for your stove pipe installation. they stock 7 inch diameter pipe and 6 inch pipe can be special ordered.

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Specialty Caps

We sell a variety of specialty caps for wood fireplace chimney systems either metal or masonry.  This includes rooster tail wind caps, Monsoon caps for sideways rain and more. Please call us with your chimney pipe measurements, both inside and outside diameter, number of walls (2 or 3) and if possible a digital photo (cell phone picture will do) for a quote.

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American Chimney Shrouds

American Chimney Shroud is quite accustomed to manufacturing from architectural elevations and details. Decorative Chimney Shrouds must be approved for use on the specific chimney pipe that you plan to use when installing your new wood fireplace. Please call us with information about your new fireplace so we may determine the best solution and quote a price.

Specifying American Chimney Shroud will ensure the chimney shroud manufactured and installed is safe, functional, and of the highest quality.

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